Dragon's Knight Watercolor Painting Process

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Hello, in thi Instructable I will show you how I painted my latest illustration, using watercolors.

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Step 1: Background

In order to avoid stains on the warrior and the dragon, I started painting the background first.

I used blue, and yellow tones and I layered colors several times (both wet on wet and wet on dry).

Step 2: Painting the Dragon

Once I was satisfied with the background, I started painting the dragon with blue and yellow.

I continued layering with other colors (black, purple, fuchsia).

In the latest layers I painted with straight lines to simulate the rough skin of the dragon.

Step 3: Painting the Knight

I painted the knight with opposed colors with respect to the dragon (yellow, blue and green tones).

In this way the main character is highlighted with respect to the enormous dragon in the back.

Step 4: Light Reflections and Details

Once the main scene is dried, I painted yellow reflections on the armor of the knight.

I also defined details using white gouache and white gel pen.

Step 5: End!

That's it ;) if you are interested in the full painting process, please check the video I linked here.

Bye <3

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