Duct Tape Weapons

Introduction: Duct Tape Weapons

Hello there. I'm weeweewilla and i have been making duct tape weapons for a long long time. Here this is how i put together them and other tips and tricks. :D

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Step 1: Materials

So first of all here are the materials I use:

  • PVC pipe - usually 1/2 inch
  • Pipe insulation - usually for 1/2 inch PVC
  • Flat foam - try to get non-crumbly stuff
  • Duct tape - all colors! depending on what you're making

Step 2: Swords and Others

This is on the longer-sword like weapons. If you look at that pic, you'll notice I have swords, spears, tridents, and more! It's great. Make sure the only part of the weapon that is not covered in foam, is the handle.

Step 3: Daggers and Others

This one is on daggers, knives, and other short weapons. As you can see, I have twin double bladed axes, shark knives, big daggers, and other- um, stuff.

Step 4: Throwing Weapons

This is about throwing weapons. Throwing weapons are weapons that don't have any PVC so you can throw them at people. Such as a pipe wrench, tomahawk, and grenades.

Step 5: Shields

So here, I have a big shield made of cardboard with tape on it. I have elastic stapled for the handles. The other shield is made of foam insulation and tape.

Step 6: How

So how to do it... Cut your PVC to the right length, then put the right length of foam on it. Then cut out a spot at the bottom fr a handle. Now coat it in duct tape. Hooray! You made a duct tape weapon. Great job!

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