EMERGENCY STOVE Using Cooking Oil As Fuel

When an emergency strikes, get cooking with this easy emergency stove!

Step 1: EMERGENCY STOVE Using Cooking Oil As Fuel

Click on the video url for a short 2 minute demo.

Step 2:

EMERGENCY STOVE, using cooking oil as fuel

Step 3:

This is a quick and easy emergency cooking stove, using cooking oil

as the fuel...

Step 4:

Using this method, you can make a hot burning stovetop to cook food, or boil water

in an emergency. Use outdoors only, as it burns hot, and smokes! A few tablespoons

of cooking oil will give up to 30 minutes of cooking time, and you can add more oil

from the side if you want a longer cooking time! Great information for hurricane season.

Click to watch the video, (short 2 minute demo). Make a small cooking surface, or

a large cooking surface.

Step 5:



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