Ear Pencil Holder

Tired of dropping your pencil, but don't want the lead to stain your pockets. Well, I have the answer. Instead of tucking the pencil in between your ear and head (where it could slide off of the side), use one of these little guys to prevent any drops!

Step 1: The Materials

You will need:
-rubber band

Step 2: Prepare the Rubber Band

Grab the rubber band. Fold it in half/ double loop it. See the pictures for clarification. Once you have two loops, wrap a piece a tape around one segment to keep it together. Set this aside for now,

Step 3: Prepare the Tube

Place the pencil on the edge of the post it. Roll a single post it around the pencil. Tape the tube so it maintains its shape, then remove the pencil. You will probably want to cut the tube in half to make it more comfortable.

Step 4: Put It All Together...

Take the rubber band and the tube. Locate where you initially taped the rubber band. Place the tube here and tape around it. Then take one rubber band loops and tape it to the tube. Allow the other to dangle freely. You wrap this around the ear, and insert your untencil of choice. (You only use one loop because two loops is too tight and it hurts!)

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Step 5: Use It!



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    9 years ago on Introduction

     and the problem with just putting the pencil behind your ear is? i know it falls of easier without this, but you're not supposed to wear you pencil there all day, just if you need a place to put it...

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