Ear Bud Holder

I hate it when my ear buds get tangled and I know its a common problem among ear bud owners. So I decided to find a cheap simple solution for the unhandy people like myself. 

Note: This my first instructable and I am using my phone as a camera so the quality won't be the best.

Step 1: Supplies

Things you will need:

  • Binder clip
  • Ear buds 
  • Patience
Note: Best to use a large binder clip.

Step 2: Flip the Legs of the Binder Clip

Flip the legs of the binder clip so that they are not touching. 

Step 3: Put the Ear Buds Inside the Binder Clip

Put the ear buds inside the binder clip. If they don't fit squeeze the two legs to open the binder clip.

Step 4: Wrap Wire Around Binder Clip Legs

Wrap the wire around the binder clip legs until there is only about a centimeter or so of wire. Make sure not to wrap the wire too tight or you could cause a short.

Step 5: Put the Jack Through the Holes of the Binder Clip Legs

Put the jack through the holes of the binder clip legs. This will prevent everything from coming undone.

Step 6: Comment

I would love it if you gave me some honest feedback on how I did no matter how cruel it is.



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