Easiest and Fun Hand Made Christmas Cards

Introduction: Easiest and Fun Hand Made Christmas Cards

The art of handmade Christmas cards is a treasure for the creator and recipient alike. Whether the card is decorated with jingle bells, decked in ribbons, or highlights colorful mittens, the effort and time you spend will well worth it as it beautifully conveys your love and warmth. So, this festive season forget about store bought cards, and try your hands at our easy and fun-to-make card ideas.

Step 1: Colorful Mittens Card

Add a pop of color and warmth with this colorful mitten card. String die-cut mittens across the top with embroidery thread. You can attach mitten shapes to the thread by using glue. Cover rest of the card with patterned paper and holiday ribbon. Add a heart touching message and your card is good to go!

Step 2: Jingle Bells Card

Spread some holiday cheer this Christmas with this jingle bells card. Fold a piece of card stock in half, and cover two third with red paper. Use embroidery floss to attach jingle bells to a strip of white cardstock. Use green floss to sew the embellished strip to the card front, above the red paper. Add a greeting on red paper with fun letters.

Step 3: Cute Reindeer Christmas Card

Deliver fun holiday message with this bright and cheery reindeer card. Dip your thumb in the brown paint and stamp fingerprints in front of the card. Now draw antlers and eyes with red brown marker and a cute nose with red marker.

Step 4: Christmas Tree Card With Buttons

Fold a piece of card stock in half and cut patterned paper into a half-Christmas tree shape. Adorn the tree with color coordinated buttons adhered with glue, and complete the look by adding a star sticker on top of the tree.

Step 5: Christmas Ornament Card

Artistically bend the gold wire into the shape of a Christmas tree. One by one, thread the colored beads along the wire and glue into place using adhesive. Take a gold and green paper, create a rough rectangle on it, and cut it out with scissors. Glue the gold rectangle to the front of the card, and then stick the green paper on top of the gold paper. Attach the wire Christmas tree to the front of the card and add your own greeting and your card is ready!

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