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Introduction: Easter Treat Wreath

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This project is great to be used year round and filled & decorated according to each Holiday!

If you are looking for something decorative yet useful, this is a fun one! My inspiration for this project came from an interesting bird feeder that I came across while looking for some new home & garden ideas. I asked myself, "WHY SHOULD THE BIRDS GET ALL THE GOOD STUFF?" I wanted to be able to make a people treat feeder of sorts. With Easter right around the corner & an egg challenge under way I decided to go for it. 

I gathered what I thought I may need:
`A slinky
`Some candy eggs (to fill it)
`A round plant support. 

After I did a test run I learned the candies where a little small and fell out too easily. Also that the slinky was to stretchy & sagged with the weight of the candies so I gathered a few more things to remedy the problems.

`A spool of ribbon (to keep it from sagging)
`Some mini plastic eggs (to make the candies a little larger)

My second attempt with the modifications was a success! Here's what you do...

1. Remove the straight legs from the plant support so that you have just the circle.
2. Slide the slinky onto the circle & match the ends up at the same spot the circle hooks together.
3. Clamp the ends of the circle together so it doesn't pull apart.
4. Over lap the ends of the slinky so that it stays together. (Like what usually happens accidently when you play with them. :P) 
5. Fill your plastic eggs with the candies.
6. Push the eggs into the wreath between the spaces of the slinky. (You remove them the same way)
8. Once it's full of goodies. Add your ribbon by crossing 2 pieces behind it & tying them together in front. This keeps the slinky from sagging so make it fairly tight. (Be sure to cover your hook ends up with the ribbon)
9. Primp the front knot up a little to look more decorative.
10. Add a loop for hanging at the top with ribbon, floral wire, string, or what ever you prefer.

(To remove a treat simply pull one out between the wire of the slinky)

Much like bird watching I enjoyed seeing the different reactions to the wreath. Both my children enjoyed having treats readily available. My daughter was much like a bird, content with a treat every now & then. My son was more like a squirrel. He kept trying to pack off the entire wreath. He wanted to stash them away somewhere to enjoy secretly . 

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! (keep this in mind for halloween goodies too!)

NOTE: I think this would be a great classroom decoration for teachers. The students can simply retrieve their treat on the way out the door! 

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    I'm going to do one for Halloween too, with the mini candy bars in it!