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I've been a fan of instructables for about a month now and finally I decided to create my first entry (*^.^) This project is super simple and involves no tools, just a bit of elbow grease moving bricks around. I thought of the idea because I wanted to find some way of reusing a pile of bricks in our backyard, and seeing as how it's spring time I have been filling everything I can with plants. Baskets, tins, tea cups... so why not a box out of bricks!

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Step 1: Pick a Spot and Add Layer One

Find a good spot for your planter box and clear the area of weeds or large rocks to make it level. Then create the first layer by placing four bricks next to each other so that a square is made in the space between them. 

Step 2: Layer Two and Three of Bricks

For the second layer of bricks rotate the square 45 degrees as seen in the image, and for the top layer rotate the bricks back to their original position. 

Step 3: Fill With Soil and Plant Away!

Fill up with whatever kind of soil you want, I used some leftover organic miracle grow potting mix I had from Home Depot for about $10. Then I planted a delphinium I got at Sprouts Farmers Market for $5, I also showed a columbine flower and small jalapeno pepper plant in the into. Plant whatever your heart desires, and you could even try making it taller if you like. Thanks for reading my first Ible and hope you enjoyed it (*>.<)

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Perfect solution for flower beds, especially for those who have a lot of debris - opportunities for creativity.

    Thanks :) I made another one today that is taller and a rectangle to fit two blueberry plants. I don't know why I didn't think of using that old pile of bricks for this a long time ago, but the yard is finally starting to look decent to spend some time out there this summer... lots of work to still do though (*>.<)

    Yes as long as the ground is level and firmly tamped down you could go quite tall.
    You could even glue each block to the last with construction adhesive. I want to try this at Saddle brook High School in the courtyard garden we have.

    Construction adhesive is a great idea, I was thinking maybe mortar but that sounds easier. I'm glad my project gave you some inspiration!