Easy Peasy Jersey Pencil Dress

Introduction: Easy Peasy Jersey Pencil Dress

Here Is how to make a very easy on trend pencil dress.  You will need to buy enough fabric to reach from your shoulder to just below your knee.

Step 1: Cut the Pattern

using a dress or long vest top that fits well, lay it on a large piece of paper and draw all the way round. add 1cm for seams.  Cut out paper pattern and fold in half to get neck line even and where you want it. 

Step 2: Cut Out

Fold your fabric in half , right sides together making sure fabric is straight. Place pattern on it.  Pin in place and cut out. Remove paper pattern and put pins back in. Machine sides and shoulders using a zig zag stitch.  Roll neck line and arm holes and zig zig stitch. Turn hem of bottom up 1cm and then turn that by 1cm zig zag.   

Step 3: Finished

wear wear wear,,,    add sleeves to one for winter. Great and cheap.



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