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Introduction: Easy Beady Earrings

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I cleaned out my crafting-goods and sorted them out by use, and I happened to find a pair of old parrot-earrings, which I had decided to turn into something less tacky and useful. I got my jewellery-toolkit and found myself with two pairs of earrings in less than 5 minutes.

These pairs go well with my green, pink and red, white and black clothes and make my look a little more feminine.

Follow these steps to make yourself a great personalized and unique earrings.

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Step 1: Getting Started

Gather everything you need to safe time. Take out your jewellery-toolbox and take out:

- a pair of earring-ends: fishhooks or studs, or even an old pair that just needs some spicing up
- a headpin, actually two for these simple earrings, but if you get creative, use as many as you like
- beads, any kind you like
- jewellery-pliers: you need something that cuts and bends the wire and the pins

Take time to choose the beads you want to work with; to make both sides identical, lay them out on the work surface to check if every bead has its pair on the other side.

Step 2: If You Make One From Scratch

Put the bead in the pins in the way you want them to and add the earring-hoops, bend the pin to a loop. Cut the end of the pin and stick the end of the pin through the last bead. (Or if you feel it's secure enough, let it be.)

Step 3: If You Make One From an Old One

Start with taking off as much as you like from the old pair. I got the parrot-ring-system off by bending open a ring already there.
Then I chose beads to work with, decided the layout and finished them by bending the end off the pins and cutting them off.

Step 4: Finished!

When you're finished with this simple basic earring, you can get creative. With the pins, earringhoop, beads, pliers and some wire you can make up the most unique and personalized earrings!

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