Easy “Hide and Use” Electronic Keyboard




Electronic keyboard is great music instrument but with dimensions of nearly one meter it is space consuming. I was trying to find out where to store it to make it

a) easily accessible for playing

b) easily hiding it and

c) easily to be plugged into electricity.

There is one meter wide IKEA PAX system cabinet in the corner of the room so I had a try. Getting dimensions: my electronic keyboard outside dimension is 95 cm wide. The cabinet's inside dimension is 96 cm, so it is going to be very tight. The cabinet is 60 cm deep so this is not an obstacle as keyboard is just over 40 cm deep.

The idea is to have the electronic keyboard permanently placed in the very shallow drawer which enables for instant play and in the second hide away. And IKEA PAX is very flexible system.

Step 1: Find the Suitable Drawer

Find the suitable shallow drawer. I have used IKEA drawer called KOMPLEMENT, dimensions 100 cm x 58 cm which comes with drawer slides that fits precisely into pre-drilled holes in the inside of the cabinet. The weight capacity should be 6kg which is enough to hold electronic keyboard.

Step 2: Assemble the Drawer

Assemble the drawer according to instructions. The drawer is having small rim around which need to be there and there is no way to take it off. To make sure the keyboard will sit on its little legs and thus keep in its position on the drawer I have used cardboard folded few times and stick on the inside of the drawer with sport tape (or duck tape).

Install drawer slides into the inside of the cabinet

Step 3: Getting Electricity

Get electricity into the cabinet. Likely, there is electricity plug just behind the cabinet and already used for juicing electricity into the TV. To bring electricity to the drawer (and keyboard) I have taped the cable to the back inside of the cabinet in a way which allow to slide the drawer out and back when pluged the cable into the keyboard.

Step 4: Place the Drawer and Play

Place the drawer onto the drawer slides into the cabinet. Place keyboard onto the drawer, plug it in and it is ready to play.

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    Nice space saving life hack. I always had problems finding a good place to keep my keyboard.