Easy-to-make Cardboard Plane!


Introduction: Easy-to-make Cardboard Plane!

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These steps will show you how to make a cardboard plane :D

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:

Masking Tape


3 paper clips

Two cardboard tubes


Step 2: Wings

Cut the cardboard tubes into wing about a little less than a half than the other one and repeat.

Step 3: Attaching the Wings

Attach the wings and attach small pieces about a inch large and tape them under the wings for support.

Step 4: Smaller Wings

Attach small wings the same way as the large ones.

Step 5: Paperclips

Add two paper clips up front and one in the back.

Step 6: Decorate/Fly!

Decorate your plane (optional) and fly! :D



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    4 Discussions

    what the hell!!!!!!!!!!

    How does this plane fly? The dihedral angle of the main wing is at negative degrees. And the horizontal stabilizer is curved.

    Yes, try it on a playground. Oh, and I recommend modifying it with your own ideas!