Eggshell Seed Starters



Introduction: Eggshell Seed Starters

This project is great for any level of gardening experience. You can start your seeds indoors and then when it's time to replant you can plant the whole shell in the ground. So easy and good for your plants too!

What you need:
Egg carton
Sewing needle
Rubber mallet or other soft striking device
Potting soil
Plant seeds

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Step 1: Let It Drain

In order for your plants to thrive the shell must be able to drain the excess water. For this step you will need a sewing needle and a soft mallet type tool. I used the rubber end of a screwdriver. On the bottom of each shell hammer the sewing needle into the shell gently. Create a large enough hole that water will drain out.

Step 2: Plant Your Seeds

Now fill the eggshell half way up with potting soil. Add your seeds. I'm using roma tomato seeds in some of my shells and onion seeds in the rest. I like to put a few seeds in each shell because sometimes you get a dud seed and it doesn't grow. Don't put too many though or you will have to separate your plants when you put them in the ground. I might have put too many. Now cover your seeds with dirt and pack it down gently.

Step 3: Give'em Some Water

Now just water your little seeds and watch them grow. No seriously, don't watch them. It makes them grow slower. Hahaha
I just keep a little teaspoon measuring cup handy and water them as needed. I keep my egg carton in the window sill where it will get loads of sunlight.

Step 4: Moving Day

Now when you are safe from the last frost and your little seeds have grown into seedlings it's time to boot them out of the nest...errr egg carton. Dig a hole in your garden deep enough to fit your entire eggshell. Now carefully crush the little shell in your hand, making sure not to wreck your plants roots. Place the whole thing in your hole. Pat the dirt around it and give it a good water.

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