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Introduction: Electronics Pallet Shelf

I, like most of us these days, have lots of electronics attached to my television. I recently had to put in a shelf to hold a new receiver system. The system was so heavy that it bent the cheap shelves and the cords were a bit of a pain collecting dust in the back.

I decided to make a new shelf with a pallet and some Ikea shelves and brackets I had lying around. By using the pallet, the cords easily drape behind the shelves and I only had to put one hole in the wall.



Drill and screws

Scrap piece of wood about .5" thick

Sandpaper or sander

Boards or shelves

Shelf brackets

Step 1: Prep the Pallet

Sand off rough edges and dust off dirt and cobwebs.

I also had to remove a piece of cardboard screwed to one side.

Step 2: Shelf Brackets

Choose the height you want your shelves to be and screw them on. I used Ikea Ekby Valter brackets.

If the holes don't line up with the horizontal boards on the pallet, use extra long screws to reach the vertical 2x4s.

Step 3: Wall Brace

It's important to screw the pallet into a stud, so use a stud finder to locate one.

Because of the trim at the bottom of the wall, you'll need a small scrap of wood the same depth of the trim. Place this wood between the pallet and the wall before screwing into the stud. This will keep the pallet standing straight.

Step 4: Cords and Accessories

Screw on your shelves.

Weave the cords of your electronics through the pallet.


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