Emalene, a Dead Fairy





Introduction: Emalene, a Dead Fairy

Emalene, a dead fairy that I had found under a blueberry bush.
Equipment: all you need is a plastic skeleton, scrap of cheesecloth or bandage (tea stained), moss, leaves for wings, jump rings for jewelry,and a box to rest in. All these can be aquired at... gasp... a dollar store!
For wisps of hair I used mohair. To position the limbs use heat.... careful now.... I used a candle, but be careful to not burn your fingers or set the skeleton on fire. I used Fabri-tac adhesive to attach wings and hair.
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    Cool idea! Wish there were more photos showing the stages of how you made her, and maybe some more angles of the finished Emalene.

    ok... thats just COOL! I see a new exhibit for my Haunted House !