Emergency Ring Kit

Make this stylish ring that doubles as a survival kit

Step 1: Supplies Needed

  • One aluminum soda can
  • Tin clips or an old pair of heavy metal scissors
  • A scalloped pair of metal craft scissors (used in children’s crafts or scrapbooking)
  • Clear or colored one inch plastic balls that hold toys called “Squinkies”
  • Thin wire, 12 inches
  • Tape

Step 2: Cut Aluminum Can

Wash and dry an aluminum soda can. Use tin snips or heavy scissors to cut off the ends of the can, leaving a rectangular piece of flat aluminum.

Step 3: Squinkies

Squinkies are tiny rubber animals, people, and figures. Squinkie balls come in lots of colors, and they can be painted with paint intended to be used on plastics. Don’t despair if you don’t find a few in a toy box or at a yard sale, since they are very inexpensive to buy new. Open the plastic squinkie ball. Clip the connector close to one half of the plastic ball. You will be using the plastic ball half that has the connector piece attached. Place the ball on the aluminum sheet and draw around the ball with a pen. Freehand draw (or use a template) to draw a concentric ring with an extra quarter inch all around the circle.

Step 4: Scallop Cut

Using the outer ring as a guide, cut a scallop design around the aluminum circle. Go slowly, cutting one scallop, repositioning the scissors, and making the next scallop cut.

Step 5: Finish Up the Aluminum

Punch two holes in the center of the aluminum disc, punching from aluminum side through to side with printed soda can graphic. Carefully make cuts from the bottom dip of each scallop toward the center, stopping at the inner ring line. Flip the disc over, and add a piece of tape to the printed side of the disc. Poke holes through the tape, using the disc holes as a guide. The tape is used to prevent the raw edges of the poked hole from damaging the contents of the ring.

Step 6: Back of Ring

Fold the tabs toward the printed side of the aluminum. Open the tabs slightly and add the dome, while pushing the wire ends through the center holes of the aluminum disc. Twist the wires together on the back of the aluminum disc. Loop the wires around your finger several times, and twist to fit your finger.

Step 7: Disassemble

To use the ring for water purification, disassemble the ring. All the ring parts have a survival purpose. Turn the dome upside down. Hold it by the tab handle. Add the fabric swatch, and pour water through the plastic dome to use as a strainer to remove dirt and sand from creek water. Add purification tablets to filtered water. The back of the ring is a shinny piece of aluminum that can be used as a mirror signal device, or a crude knife. The wire has many survival uses.

Step 8: Visit Us

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