Envelope Notebook

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Intro: Envelope Notebook

In this 'ible i will show you how I made and how to make a notebook out a envelope.
PS: Sorry for the bad pics, they were taken with my netbook camera.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies (and Tools)

You will need these common household items:

Envelopes size A6 (x8)
Electrical tape




Scissors (not pictured)
Glue stick


Step 2: Make the Cover

Take two envelopes and smear the 'flaps' with glue. Then take one flap and insert it into the other envelope's pocket. Then take the flap that is sticking out, put some glue on it, and tuck it in the pocket on the edge of the cover.

PS: gluing not shown....

Step 3: Adding Pages

After you have finished your cover, take a envelope and smear that 'flap' with some glue and insert it into one of the cover's pockets.

Step 4: Add Accordingly

Glue envelope flaps and insert till you have inserted all of them.

Step 5: Tape It!

Now take that sticky electrical tape and cut a piece the same length as the notebook and apply it as shone.

Step 6: Optional: Stickers!

This is optional but makes the book a bit nicer.

Step 7: Finished!

You worked hard, so now pat yourself on the back and enjoy your envelope notebook!



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