Evil ,beautiful Shoes Killing Feet??




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Many of us ladies have-sometime or times!- bought shoes that ended up hurting our toes reaaally bad and still wore them with all the consequences. An easy way to adjust a bit your shoes to the problematic areas.
Estimated time 1min :P

It has worked miracles for me especially when there's this huge pain on the heel and/or the little finger. I have used this "technique" both as a permenent fix on some summer high heels(cut it to thin pieces) and as a quick fix(!) when some new ballerinas started to...kick in..after a long walk and i did this while i was at a cafe!

Step 1: Stay Calm!

What you will need is a mini sanitary pad-or whatever you call it and some scissors- not really optional but in a longshot supposedly blunt force may suffice!
I guess with a bigger pad could work but then you would most definately need those scissors.
And a photo of one!

Step 2: Now Get Down to Bussiness!

Now, depending on the affected area you can use it like described below!

1.if the shoe hurts your feet on the sides of your fingers you can cut a piece and place it on these spots with the sticky side on the inside of your shoe.And so the soft side touches your finger (s) and now you can walk home!!

2.if the shoe hurts your feet on your heel then you place the sticky side on this spot and again the soft side touches your foot.

Step 3: Optional-Without Scissors

But in case you're not in reach of a pair of scissors you can adjust it so that it doesn't show.
You just fold the excess from the sticky side as shown!



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    Viliana N.

    7 years ago on Introduction

    Please do ignore the last 2 blank steps!!
    Let me know if you liked it or found it useful in any way or even if you need to ask a question.
    And excuse my english!

    2 replies

    This is a really nice and simple solution! Also, if you want, you can go back in edit and delete the blank steps and then save the changes. Then you don't have to worry about those pesky blank pages.

    Thanks! I know but I'm having some trouble with the deleting step part it just won't stop loading.I'll deal with it in the morning. Thanks again lov!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Simple. Brilliant! I will be trying this on some shoes I have that I've been "breaking in" for a little too long now... :)

    1 reply