Introduction: F-50

All we need is an A-4 Paper and some skill

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Step 1: A4 Paper

Fold and then unfold an A4 paper

Step 2: Fold Triangle Shape

Fold the paper and make sure the edges are on the line that you fold and unfold the paper

Step 3: Fold One More Time

Fold one more time so it would be look like pic 2

Step 4: Fold It in Horizontal Line

Fold it in horizontal line so the top would touch the bottom ( pic 2)

Step 5: Fold Two Edges Parallel

Fold the two top edges so it would be parallel with each other and with the middle line

Step 6: Fold the Nose Up

Fold up the plane's nose up to the top

Step 7: Fold the Plane Vertically Half

Fold the plane half in vertical

Step 8: Fold the Wing

Fold the wing

Step 9: Fold the Tail

Unfold the wing then fod the bottom edge so the point of the edge will touch the unfold wing line

Step 10: Fold It to the Back

Open it wide the put the edge to the back, it's pretty easy but tricky if you don't understand

Step 11: Fold a Wing Stabelizer

Fold it like the photo

Step 12: No Go and Unleash the Plane!

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    5 years ago

    great instructable, very clear instructions. thanks, I'm going to try it this weekend with my children.