Fairy's Divine Egg in Egg Land :)

Introduction: Fairy's Divine Egg in Egg Land :)

It is a beautiful showpiece of a fairy's eggs.

you will need-

an egg

a small bulb

white cloth

2 dolls

a night sky painting with a big moon

some glitter leaves and one flower



pink cloth




a nice base on which you will keep your set up

white paint


decorative material



take a base and paint it white or paste white paper on it

spread cotton on it

at the center put the egg and fix your light in it connect the wires and switch

for fairy wings-

take wires and shape them in the form of wings and cover with pink clots and tie

make fairy hat with clay

decorate the fairy

now, paste the fairy on the base near the egg as shown in the picture

put some glitter leaves and flowers around the egg along with beads to enhance the effect

switch on the light and its ready :)

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