Introduction: Glow in Dark Masquerade Party Mask!

Hello Everyone!

Masquerade masks have been used by people throughout history. They always add the element of fun and mystery to the party environment. Here I will show you how you can make your own masquerade mask at home for your next party. I will explain the process through various images as well. My mask is black, silver and glittery blue, you could choose any of your favourite colours.

I hope you enjoy making your own mask! ;)


1. Glow in dark paint or powder: you could use the powder mentioned in the link or use any paint of your favourite colour, just make sure the colour complements your mask's colour. The powder I used was white in colour and its glow was greenish.

2. Any colour thick sheet or pastel sheet: I used black pastel sheet.

3. Glitter paint: this is to add a litter life to your mask. A little glitter will shine in party lights and look amazing. I used DOMS blue glitter paint.

4. General stationery supplies: scale, pencil, cutter or scissors, paintbrush, glue.

5. Sequins: you can order these online or get them at your nearby stores. Use any colour that complements your chosen mask colour. These are a great decoration and are available easily at very cheap rates. For my mask, I have used black, blue and silver sequins.

6. Ribbon: this is to tie the mask.

Step 1: Draw Your Design Using a Pencil on Your Colored Sheet

The measurements mentioned are of a general size. you can increase or decrease according to your face size and shape.

1. Make a 6 inches horizontal line AB.

2. Mark points C,D,E,F, and O such that AO=3 inches, AC=EF=DB=1 inch, CE=FD=1.5 inches.

3. Make a vertical line GH at O, making a 90-degree angle to the line AB. Such that GH=3 inches and GO=HO=1.5 inches.

4. Make the design as shown in the image. Make the design on any of the left or right side.

5. Fold vertically from the center as shown in the image.

Step 2: Cut Your Design

!. Fix the folded piece with some Stapler pins. This has to done to avoid any errors during cutting. You may skip this step.

2. Now using a cutter or scissors, cut out the outer design. A cutter suits best for this purpose. Carefully cut out the eye part and Unfold the mask.

Step 3: Paint

1. Complete the design on the second half.

2. Paint a silvery or lighter color on inner design, as I painted It silver.

3. Paint the outer part with glitter paint. Make sure you don't overdo it! Little looks nice.

Step 4: Add the Glow in Dark Powder

1. Carefully spread a decent quantity of glue on the inner design. The glue should properly define the design.

2. Using a beaker or a small container pour the glow in dark power over the glue. and let it dry for 5-10 minutes.

3. Remove the excess powder.

4. Let the glue dry completely.

You can also use glow in dark paint instead of powder.

Step 5: Sequin Design

1. Take a plastic sheet and make a base design on the plastic sheet using a marker. You could make the simple design as in the images above or make other designs like butterflies or feathers.

2. Outline the drawing using glue and paste sequins as shown in the above images.

3. Let them dry completely for a few hours.

4. After drying, carefully cut the design along with the plastic sheet using a cutter.

Step 6: Completed!

1. Paste the design to the mask and tie the ribbon.

2. Switch off all the lights, and see the mask glow. The glow isn't captured very well in the camera, you can see it by increasing your phone's or laptop's brightness. Otherwise, the mask glows really well. The glow also depends on the powder or paint used, so that will vary.

3. Now that you have made your own masquerade mask. Party! ;)

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