Fancy Jewelery Organizer

Introduction: Fancy Jewelery Organizer

This is easy to make earrings and lockets organizer,
I had hard time finding my earrings pair when kept in a box, with this all the stuff i need on daily basis is arranged in beautiful manner.

Step 1: Requirements

Things you need are as under:

1) A thick card board
2) A sponge
3) Ruler
4) Scissors
5) Compass
6) Glue
7) Tissue Roll
8) Wires
9) Wire Clipper
10) Green or any colored tape ( Optional )

Step 2: Making the Base

1) Cut the cardboard in the radius of 14 cm
2) Cut the sponge in the radius of 7 cm
3) Stick the sponge over the cardboard
4) Cut a thin sheet of Cardboard, of 4 cm thickness and wrap it around the cardboard circle.
5) This makes our base.
6) Make small cuts on sponge, so that earrings and rings could be inserted in it

Step 3: The Tree Structure

The tree like structure would enable to display/Hang our Earrings and Lockets.

For this cut a wires and make tree like structure,
Cover the tree like structure with tissue paper to increase the thickness, to make it fancy i covered it with green colored tape

The next step is to affix it on the base we made earlier.

Step 4: Closer Look

One can place , Lipsticks and Nail polish in the space besides the sponge.

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    6 years ago

    it's really cool... I can arrange my stuff very would definetly save my time n I can find my earrings soon enough..n most of all dont hav to suffer the tangled neckwear..