Fast-reload Nerf Clip Tricks!

Here is an easy way to increase your reload speed with just a couple clips and some duct tape!

You'll need:

Two clip-system clips.
Duct tape.

For the end result of this instructable, watch the video at the end!

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Step 1: 6-round Clips

Here is a simple way to increase the reload speed while using 6-round clips. First line up your clips and make sure that the two directional arrows are facing away from each other. Tape them together at the center. Voila, you're done! Want to make 18-round dual magazines for your Stampede as well? Check out the next step!

Step 2: 18-round Stampede Clips

Here is a way to increase the reload speed for 18-round Stampede clips. Note that doing this different than what you did to the six-round clips, because taping the extended clips together in a straight manner would make it too long. Take a look at the pictures for this step, it will be easier to understand than if I tried to explain it. NOTE: The directional arrows should face the SAME WAY this time!

Step 3: The End Result!

Have fun with your quick-loading clips! Check out the video to see exactly how they work!

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    7 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction


    this thing saved my butt in every nerf war. THANKS!!!!



    simple... to the point, not bad

    you could also add a clip (scavenged from the tac attachments) to make it so you can carry an extra set ON the blaster itself

    2 replies

    Sounds cool. I have an extra tactical rail clip lying around so I may experiment with that later. Thanks for the feedback!

    no problem, this is what i do, only with neon green tape, i have friends who have used the flip-clip that NERF makes, and they complain about it not holding the clips