Faux Canvas Style Refrigerator Magnets

Introduction: Faux Canvas Style Refrigerator Magnets

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Supplies Needed

White Mini Canvas PANELS*
Mod Podge
Paper Cutter/Scissors
Brush for Mod Podge application
Magnet strips, dots, or whatever shape preferred
Glue to attach magnet to canvas
Photographs, illustrations, graphics

Make sure they are PANELS and not canvas “boxes” or frame type.

Panels will lay flatter against the refrigerator than a “box canvas.”

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Step 1: Print Out Desired Graphic/photo

Using the size of the canvas you chose - print out the graphic or photo.

I used 4x6 glossy photo paper for my graphics and was able to print two on one sheet.

Cut the graphic out using a paper cutter or scissors.

Test your cut size against the canvas. Make sure you sized your graphic correctly.

Step 2: Paint Canvas Edges.

Paint the edges of the canvas to match/correspond with the photo or graphic you are attaching. You can “wrap” this paint around to the back and front to ensure the edges are covered.

Step 3: Attach Graphic/photo to Canvas

I am checking the cut of the graphic against the graphic before placement. My canvas with the painted edge is in the background.

Apply Mod Podge on the canvas with the painted edges. Place your graphic or photo on the Mod Podge. Make sure it is centered. Do not worry about cleaning up any hang over edges until the Mod Podge is dry.

Step 4:

When the graphic/photo is attached to the canvas and dry – clean up and trim any edges hanging over the edges of the canvas.

Apply first layer of Mod Podge coating in a horizontal direction. When this layer is completely dry – apply second coat in vertical direction.

Make sure Mod Podge dries completely between all applications.

Step 5: Attach Magnet to Back of Canvas

I used a roll of magnetic tape. I cut the strip for the length I needed.

You can purchase already cut strips, circles, and a wide variety of magnet applications.

While this magnet already had a sticky backing – I added quick dry glue as an extra precaution.

After this step – your refrigerator magnet is ready!

Step 6: Ideas for Use of the Personalized Magnets

You can make your own graphics using clip art, your kid’s drawings, photographs, and more.

Great party gift for weddings (use wedding pic with date), graduation (send them to college with magnets showing their high school graduation and date), birth announcements – only limited by your imagination.

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Enjoy your project. Thank you for visiting.

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