Finger Knitting a Mat




Introduction: Finger Knitting a Mat

Finger knitting is a great way to spend your spare time. You use your fingers to knit ropes of yarn to the length you want. You can join these knitted pieces together to create mats and rugs which can be used in your home. You can use single or multiple colors of yarn to make the work attractive.

The mat you see here is a simple work done by me with 12 inch long hand knitted pieces joined together.

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Step 1: What Do You Need ?

  • Different colors of woolen thread
  • Crochet needle
  • Scissors

Step 2: How to Start Finger Knitting ?

I have used two different colored yarns (red and yellow) combined together to start.

  • Place the loose end of yarns on your palm hanging about 3 to 4 inches
  • Hold the yarn between your thump and index finger
  • weave the yarn through the back of your index finger, to front of middle finger, back of ring finger and then front of little finger.
  • Repeat the process from the little fingers weaving in the opposite direction until you have two loops on each finger

Please see the video on how to start finger knitting.

Step 3: Knitting


  • Take the bottom loop on your index finger and bring it over the top loop to the back of index finger.
  • Repeat the process with other bottom loops on all other fingers, so that all bottom loops are brought to the back of the fingers
  • Now you have one loop on each finger.
  • Press the loops down your fingers and repeat weaving to the opposite direction of thread in your fingers.
  • Once again start from the index finger and pull up the bottom loop over the top and bring it to the back of fingers.
  • Now the knitted yarn will form on the back of your hand. Continue knitting till you have 12 inches long pieces.

How to close the yarn

  • Take thread from little finger and loop over ring finger. Now there are two threads in ring finger
  • Then take thread from ring finger remove out of the finger. Follow the same until middle finger
  • Now there will be one on the index finger. To finish , cut the thread and pull through the loop and form a knot.

Now you have one piece of knitted yarn.

Step 4: Continue With Different Color Combinations

We need a total of 19 pieces for the proposed mat. Make yarns of mixed colors as below

  • Nine pieces of red and yellow
  • Five pieces of Green and orange
  • Five pieces of pink and orange

Please see the pictures above where I knitted made all 19 pieces of 12 inch long each.

Step 5: Weave the Knitted Yarns to Form Mat

You can weave the knitted yarns on your floor. Clean the floor before starting.

  • Place the nine pieces of Red & Yellow yarns parallel to each other.
  • Start weaving from one end. First with pink & orange yarn and then with green & orange.
  • Repeat with alternating colored knitted yarns to the end.
  • As you weave, adjust the yarns in position with your fingers.

Now you have the weaved mat with loose ends protruding on all sides

Step 6: Stitch Around the Mat

  • Cut all loose ends behind the knot
  • Take crochet needle and orange thread
  • Start from one corner and knit single stitch all around connecting each piece of yarn
  • Trim and remove any loose threads hanging on sides.

Our Mat is finished

Step 7: Uses for Your Hand-knitted Mat

You can use your finished mat in many ways

  • Use it on a chair as cushion
  • Use it on the dinning table to keep cooked food
  • Use it as a base for flower vase
  • Keep fresh fruits on it

The uses are endless...

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    I've only seen scarves & blankets. Weaving is a great idea! Thank you for sharing!