Fix a Broken Stud / Remove a Broken Bolt

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So you used gorilla strength and not monkey strength. Something snapped when it should have snugged. Yeah it sucks. Lets fix it so you can get on with your repair.

In my most recent situation, it was the intake manifold bolt on a small motorcycle engine. Steel bolt into aluminum. It was tightened too far into bad threads and bottomed out. Snap!

There was about 1/4" of bolt sticking out so I first tried a Dremel tool with a cutting disk to make a slot. I hoped to un-screw it with a slotted screw driver. It didn't work. Next option was to use a broken bolt removal tool - this one was called GraBit. First you chuck it up in your drill and drill into the broken bolt. Once you have the hole drilled, you use the other end of the GraBit and it's left handed threads pull as you screw it into the drilled hole. If the planets are aligned in your favor and it's the third Tuesday of a month ending in R, it will work effortlessly. Sometimes these methods don't work. It worked for me on a 2nd Tuesday, so maybe I'm lucky! All kidding aside, breaking a bolt or stud really sucks. Good luck to you!

Step 1: Celebrate Your Success!

If either of these methods worked, pat your self on the back. Good Job!

If not, adding heat from a torch sometimes helps. More rust penetration chemicals may help. Drilling the bolt completely through and removing the bolt material and re-tapping is another option. Another method for larger bolts is to actually weld a nut onto the protruding section from the inside and backing it out once it has cooled down.

Tools used:
Dremel rotary tool with cutting wheel -

Dewalt Cordless Drill -

GraBit extraction tool -

SeaFoam Deep Creep -



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    3 Discussions

    inspecter gadget

    1 year ago

    I am an engineer and I do broken bolt and stud removal on a daily basis - everything you state here is concise and correct - however, what dio you do when someone replicates this, without experience of when to stop, or feel when the application of such a device is not appropriate?

    I have had to drill out many easy out tools - extractors and grabbers, your next video should encompass extracting a broken extractor bit?

    It would be a big hit as spark erosion is very expensive......

    Keep up the good work, engineers are key but under appreciated.


    1 year ago

    If you had that much sticking out a pair of multigrips would remove it .This is just an add

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    um, no. not an "add" or an advertisement either.

    Not enough sticking out to grab onto. Use the tools of your choice. This was the brand carried at my local hardware store. I bought others, but didn't need them. I post links so people can use what I used...