Fixing Broken Key Fob With Sugru

Introduction: Fixing Broken Key Fob With Sugru

I have a 2003 Honda with two key fobs.  Both of the key fobs broke this past year so I did what I normally do and use Gorilla tape to keep the two halves together.  Recently, I learned about Sugru so I thought I would give it a try.

First I took off the Gorilla tape and all the sticky residue left behind.  I got out the supplies I thought I would need.

1. Sugru (black)
2. 220 grit sandpaper
3. Pape rclip
4. Piece of plastic.
5. Small cup of water (not shown)

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Step 1:

Once I had my supplies all laid out, I took the 220 grit sandpaper and scuffed up the area where I was going to place the Sugru.  Not only did this help ensure the tape residue was gone but it gives the Sugru a rougher surface to stick to.

Step 2:

I start out by just getting the Sugru on to the key fob covering the top, sides and then across the back.  At this stage it is very rough and needs to be smoothed out to make it fit comfortably in your hand when handling the key.

Step 3:

I found that keeping my fingers wet by dipping them into a small cup of water, I could move the Sugru around a bit more easily.  The Sugru is sort of like clay and as a potter would keep clay wet, when I kept my fingers and the Sugru a little damp, it was easier to shape.  I took my time (about 15-20 minutes) to form the Sugru around the top of the key.  I wanted to make sure there was enough coverage down the sides of the key and across the top and bottom.

I used the straightened paper clip to ensure I cleaned out any Sugru that made its way into the top button on the key fob since this is the button that locks the car and I need to make sure it still works after the Sugru dries.

I used the strip of plastic to help me form and smooth out the Sugru.  I also used it like a knife to cut the Sugru off as it helped to make a clean cut.

The majority of the smoothing was done just by hand.  Keeping my fingers wet and just smoothing it out so that it felt nice in my hands.

The end result was a very smooth finish that feels very nice in the hand.  Looking forward to seeing how durable the Sugru is.  If it makes it until the next time I have to change the battery I will be very happy.  I will be sad to have to rip off the Sugru, but it will give me another chance to order some Sugru and hopefully by then I will have learned a few more tricks on how to apply and texture the Sugru.  Next time I will probably get some colored Sugru so my wife's key fob will look a little more feminine.

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