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We can all agree that key-beepers are awesome. But every once in a while, you have to switch out the battery for everything to keep running smoothly. This instructable is about changing out the batteries and making some small repairs to the inside of the key. This key-beeper in particular is from an early 2000s Nissan Altima.

Note: Before you take everything apart, be sure that your beeper allows you to actually take it apart. Some key beepers will break if you open it.

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Step 1: Opening Up Your Beeper

After you make sure replacing the battery won't mess up your beeper, it's time to open it up! This is when my battery case broke, so be gentle.

Use a quarter (or something similar) to pop open the beeper. Be gentle when popping the beeper open, the battery case in mine popped off.

Step 2: Reattaching the Battery Case

If you check out the first picture, you can see a square where it's supposed to be attached.

The next picture is the attached battery case. I just used a sautering iron to attach everything back together.

Step 3: Adding in the Battery and Finishing Up!

Now that everything is reattached and reasonably cool, you can put the battery back into the beeper!

It's important to note that the type of battery matters, the size and shape of the battery will affect if it works or not.

I would suggest googling your car make and model + "beeper battery replacement". You'll most likely be able to purchase the battery at your local hardware store.

After that, just pop the beeper back together and you're all set!

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