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Introduction: Flexible Lamp

There are so many lovely lamps posted in here.Some of them are really nice.Along with all the  entries here is my beautiful flexible table lamp I share.I have done this with great passion and beleive me or not I like it very much.This is one of my favourite ible .This lamp has a body to turn in different direction in different shapes.My husband was so curious to know what my idea is,and he also helped me in attatching the frame and the rings together.I am using as my bed side lamp.
This is a very low cost instructable which every one can try it out but time consuming work.
I am posting with loads of pictures,so that it is easy to understand looking at the pictures alone.

6th April -Update
The red lamp is another one I made a few adays ago with a darker colored fabric,and I include the picture as well.

Step 1: Requirements

For the stand

Fabric of your choice
Cord ring and rod
Bottle lid
Top pins
Measuring tape
Glue gun
A big bowl
Small screw driver
Cello tape
Uhu glue
Empty tissue roll

For the shade
An old lamp  shade frame
Material of your choice
Laminating  sheet  2

Step 2: Template

Place the bowl upside down on the paper and draw around the edge/rim  to take the size for the lamp stand bottom piece.It is up to you to decide on the size.My bowl mesurement is diameter is  6 1/2 cm .Fold the paper in to two and draw a lamp stand.This is just my idea and it turned out very well.Cut one round and two stand templates.

Step 3: Cut on Fabric

Fold fabric in to two  and place the template and cut out two stands with two bottom pieces .Leave extra for sewing allowances.

Step 4: Sew

Place both fabric (stand) right side facing each other inwards and sew on one side.( marked in black)To be on the safe side sew  neatning  stitch as the sand  filling will be too heavy,and  it wont rip off.

Step 5: Punch Hole

From the top fold in 1/2 inch on to the wrong side and sew. the hem.Open out the fabric and with a small screw driver slowly make a TINY hole,1 inches upwards from the bottom.Insert the cord ring (big piece) on the hole from the right side of the fabric.(pic 4)
Pic 5 shows the cord ring popping out on the wrong side of the fabric.Place the tiny ring on top of the big ring that was inserted(Pic6)
Place the star rod on top of the ring and hammer hard on top of the rod  with the hammer.Last pic.

I forgot to take a picture closely on this finished product -sorry-Will post a sample piece as quickly as possible.

Step 6: Complete Stand

Now attatch the two side pieces to the two  bottom piece (both together) and sew neatning stitch all arround.Refer picture 2.Insert the wire through the hole before you fill the sand.If the wire fits exactly on the punched hole then 100% guarantee that the sand will not spill out.Fill dry sand up to 3/4 to the  neck of the stand.If you feel that  stand neck is not steady enough ,you could fill alittle bit more sand.I used a funnel to fill the stand.It is pretty easy.Next insert the empty toilet tissue roll and take the wire out..The empty  toilet tissue roll should go right inside.I have just left it out side half way to show for the picture.
Before filling the sand you have to have the wire out according to how high you need.Once the sand is filled you can not pull the wire.

Filling option : you could use tiny beads ,dry rice and any other stuffs that would be flexible to shape in which ever you want.

Those who does not have the cord rings and rod can use a small tap washer to use for the hole and paste a small fabric piece from inside(once you insert the wire use the hot glue to paste)

Step 7:

Cut a small round hole in the middle of the plastic bottle lid.With hot glue paste the bottom piece of the holder and bottle lid to gether.Refer picture five.Insert the bottom part of the plastic lid in to the toilet tissue roll.These two has to be pasted again with hot glue.Glue the tissue roll and fabric together.

Step 8: Attatch Holder

Now attatch the wire to the holder.Sew a 1 inch band and hand sew it around the neck. (under the bottle lid)This is only for neatning.

Step 9: Cut Frame

Cut open the old frame ,and clean the rings.

Step 10: New Frame

Paste two laminate sheets  together.Open out the cut frame place it on top of the laminate sheet  and tape it on both ends .Then draw the sketch on the laminate sheet  leaving enough space on all sides  to fold in and paste on the ring later on.Cut out along the line.
My fabric had many prints on it,I kept the cut out  laminate piece in different ways  and finally decided to have the lines on the frame.I used transparent fabric, the excess piece from my curtains.On the wrong side of the fabric paste the laminate cut out piece exactly positioning how you want the design to be on the frame.If it is a plain material then no need to worry about it.
Please note that when you paste ,there should not be any gathers on the fabric.
Now the fabric  frame is hard .

To attatch the fabric frame my husband helped me out to hold them in exact position.while he was holding  the  frame and the rings  together  I  sticked cellotape on five places for it to be steady..Please refer picture marked x (cello tape)Then you paste the joins with Uhu  glue.You can also use the glue gun too.

The next step is really time consuming work.Slowly remove the fabric from the laminate sheet up to the ring and cut away the laminate piece around the ring.Please see that the ring does not move ,if it does then stick a cellotape.Once you cut off the laminate part right round the ring  use the glue gun to paste the fabric around the ring .While using the glue gun remove the cellotape off carefully.Paste it very neatly.Do the same on top and bottom of the ring.If you follow the pictures it is easy to understand well.

Step 11: Fix Frame to Stand

Here you see how my lamp is  flexible and can be turned into different shapes.It can stand straight as well.

Thank you very much for taking time to view my beautiful lamp and I know for sure it has touched your heart with my great idea.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Good idea,to update an old Lamp,looks cosy,


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Wow! My favourite lamp out of the lot.Love it.Voted.

    Oh I am late to see this :). I really liked your idea :) Please post a picture of the dark color fabric lamp when your done.
    Once small suggestion, I think if you choose a textured dark colored fabric for base it would look even more awesome.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for your comments!I made another one with red and silver for the base.The base fabric has to be to thicker.This is really beautiful.Have a look .


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks Muhaiminah!I too love this very much.I am doing another one with dark color fabric for the guest room.This one was a try out,and it turned out well.so my next one will be much better as the little mistakes I did on this will be corrected..But would be the same.

    Muhaiminah Faiz
    Muhaiminah Faiz

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    You're welcome Ayesha! This one looks fine! I'm sure the one you're making would look even finer! but this is such a unique idea, I'm going to give this lamp a name, it looks tooooo adorable! :)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is a funky and cool idea! oh well well done! I love it!