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Introduction: Flip Tail

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This is a super cute hair due that's easy and ideal for short, medium, or long hair. I honestly don't wear my hair like this often, because I always end up ripping it. So let's go ahead and get started! Oh, and I'm using an American Girl Doll in this tutorial, but you can use your hair or doll hair.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need...
•1 hair tie
•1 hairbrush and/or comb
•Headband or Bow (optional)

Step 2: Brush, Part, Comb

Before you start, make sure that the hair you're dealing with is clean, brushed, parted, and combed. This will make it easier for you and your hair.

Step 3: Gather

First, gather your hair to one side of your hair, whether it's the left, right, or center.

Step 4: Brush

Then brush or comb your hair into your hand to make it neat.

Step 5: Tie Off

Then take a rubber band and tie off your ponytail, making it a little bit loose.

Step 6: Pull

Above the ponytail holder, make a hole in the hair by pulling the hair above the band or pushing your finger through it, as shown.

Step 7: Into the Hole

Then flip your hair into the hole, creating a look as shown.

Step 8: Take a Look

Step 9: Side View

Step 10: Pull

Then pull the hair at the bottom to tighten the ponytail.

Step 11: Overhead

Step 12: Side View

Step 13: Accessorize

I'm using a simple headband, and I do not recommend a bow. Bows will only block the view of your flip tail, but do as you please. Thanks for viewing!

Step 14: Check Them Out!

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