Foil Hat/Signal Receiver, No Longer Just for Crazy Hobos!




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Have you ever wanted to receive signals from aliens, block out government mind control waves, or just have a cool foil hat? If you answered yes to any of the above questions then this instructable is for you!

Note* Foil hats are not recommended for hot days, please do not fry your brains, if you do blame Zane.*


Step 1: Materials

First you will need to gather the following supplies: Aluminum foil, scissors, a measuring tape(optional) and tape i used scotch but any kind will do!

Step 2: Head Sizes

If you are using a measuring tape simply wrap it around your head and tighten it, then see how big your head is, mine was about 23". If you are not using a measuring tape simply take the foil and wrap it around your head then cut off the amount that provides a snug fit!

Step 3: Types of Hats

Now figure out what type of hat you want, do you want the antennae hat which can be used on a chilly night to pick up alien signals, or the kind of hat used for blocking out alien signals and government propaganda?

Step 4: Making the Hat

Now that you have selected which kind of hat you would like simply take the foil sheet you cut out earlier, the one with the snug fit (the snug fit is crucial), then wrap it around your head so that it forms to your heads basic shape, then tape the foil together. If you are making the antennae kind of hat you will need to leave enough foil sticking above the top of your head to make an antennae, to make the antennae simply take the foil sticking above the top of your head and crunch it into a spike. If you are making the deflecting type of hat do the same thing only when you have your spike cut it off and flatten the area where the spike was.

Step 5: Usages

Here are the ways the hats work.

Step 6: See?

Now you know how easy it is to block government mind control or receive alien signals and you now know why crazy hobos in foil hats have so much fun!



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    3 years ago

    Recycled foil contains Nano-Particle boosters with encabulated transmitters ! Fool.....

    (Joking.... :)


    3 years ago on Introduction

    This seems to be made for around the 1 GHz band and as such is severely outdated! Current Government Mind Control is above the 10 GHz mark and alien comms is in the long wave bands, so would need a much longer antenna - plus, you need to ground it with a paper clip chain for the highest RFS.

    Just say NO to inferior technology!

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    What frequencies are you aware of that are used in government mind control? Do you have any references? I also should note the information that is available on synthetic aperture radar. I have a feeling these systems are used in not so well disclosed ways.

    Figured I'd ask as I am looking into these mind control and electronic attack frequencies on humans and animals. Amazes me the way the operators can layer sounds onto anything... with the strangest being making animals talk. That is something else. Thanks in advance.


    3 years ago on Introduction

    Like Omnivent noted... yeah... the frequencies are in a large range. Here are some links that may provide some more information. (note the EMF and Sound related systems pages)

    I wonder what the NOAA satellites are capable of also in the 37, 85 and 89GHz range. Plus, the ARRL FCC licensees are able to use up to 300GHz. The only issue I find is the gap in reference data to biological properties. Say for instance you can find data on vibrational frequencies of chemical/biological entities, though the rotational information is harder to come by.

    I do wonder also what the advances are in the in the spin-spin quantum mechanical energy capabilities and performance. Seems some sort of radioisotopic imagery would also be value added for remote sensing and manipulation... though you would think by now the U.S. has advanced past Stazi methods and can track using naturally occuring isotopes in the human body like potassium, radon and radium. I would think cesium and strontium also, though I do not find much data on these other than with biophytoremidiators.

    Here is an interesting link also that I find informative to give you an idea of how much shielding is required (active for low freq. and welded for the higher freq.)... though the cut-off on the chart is 94GHz.


    5 years ago

    Uh lol accidentally clicked this its conspiracy nuts that where these not usually hobos


    8 years ago on Introduction

    You forgot to tell us if the shiny side is up or down? I was once told that the shiny side blocks the mind penetrating green mist and the dull side attracts it. The person who told me that had to be restabilized on their meds. Still, good to know.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you lstone666, I received these instructions just in time to thwart a government probe of my brain. If not for your helmet, they would have my plans for world domination. Please know that thanks to you my tyrannical rule of this planet is imminent. I will reserve a place of high rank for you and any others who help my cause in this glorious undertaking. I am a little concerned about your loyalty to dark forces ( pertaining to the 666 in your name) but all my subjects evil or not will be equally treated under my rule. So ljstone welcome to the new world order, Your Sincerely Lord NILETTON


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Not everyone wears tinfoil hats, and we need instructions. Show pictures of yours, bet you have quite a few. This isn't any worse, than Zombie Survival Guides, or Free Money on the Internet...