Foil Welding Machine





Introduction: Foil Welding Machine

How to make foil welding machine



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    Dang, I wanted to know how to weld foil!!!

    that was lame, you really need to change your false title about welding foil. jerk

    wait...'foil'? can't you foreigners speak proper American?! BTW:TOTALLY joking! ;0)

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    it is called english btw not american english. just english, from where is was founded, england.

    should have said "cant you American's speak proper foreign." lol would have been much funnier because it uses less thinking power

    Too bad I just speak Canadian... eh? ;-) Great little process shown here. Will come handy when individually packing salsas and salad dressings in our next pic-nic. Thanks!

     Hmmm.    I was Born in Canada. (non French) and raised in Texas. So i speak pretty broken Canadian. I still don't understand the foil thing.

    More like "fail welding machine.just kidding, that's actually a really cool setup:)

    thats a homemade impulse sealer ive been using the same thing but with a soldering iron for years

    Same technique works on straws, just use needle nose pliers instead of sticks if you have small amounts of substances that you would like to keep safe and dry. Personally I used it for small amounts of glue, just so i have it when i need it.

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    Well thats actually really nice, i could use something like that. I already searched for a cheap machine to do that, but this is far better :)

    Before watching I also thought it was going to be about welding tin foil or aluminum foil. So I was really confused when the video got to the part about attaching the bag of water because I couldn't imagine what function it was going to serve in a tin foil welder. In my defence though I haven't been awake very long so being stunned isn't all that unreasonable :) I grew up calling it plastic foil. Which I expect would clarify things for most people if you used that terminology in the title instead of just foil. Although making people realize that the rest of the world doesn't do or say things the exact same way they do has a lot of educational value in its self so I think you should leave it the way it is.

    this is pretty neat, and the title i guess makes sense from the prev comments... but yeah, it is rather confusing from the title