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Introduction: Free Light-Emergency Light

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I love free energy,...this wont save the world but it may help

You need a Peltier Tile, LED's, voltage booster, wires, thin aluminum and a tiny vice

Step 1: The Power

Wire the Peltier Tile to the booster, and the booster to the LED's

Peltier tiles will take temperature differences and create electricity.

Step 2: Find a Hot Spot

Once wired together find a hot spot in your house,....I used the hot water pipe in my basement.

Place the hot side of the tile on the hot pipe.

Use the thin aluminum to hold the tile to the pipe, this also acts as a cold side extension, then use the vice to take away slack!

Every time my pipe gets warm the light turns on!

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    4 years ago

    while the Peltier Tile may work... you could get much better results out of a TEG. Their generating efficiency is MUCH higher( though much harder to find in junked electronics :-)

    Add a heatsink to the cold side, and use a less/non conductive clamp(velcro, zip tie, even a large wire twist tie should work well for hot water pipes) for even better results. that way the cold side isn't getting warmed through conduction from the strapping.

    Awesome idea, to let you know when someone has used up all the hot water, while you are working in the shop. If the light goes out? just stay dirty... it'll be a while before the hot water tank reheats for your shower.


    Reply 4 years ago

    I do love these things,...while a TEG is more efficient so only in super high heat applications. The TEC is way better at these low f. maybe I should post my TEG lamp for use in campfires!