Free Necks

Hello this is my first one so I might skrew up so ya

Step 1: NOTE!!

This should be done on friends that you know won't flip out because I necked someone once and they punched me in the gut

Step 2: Can You Hold This

So you put your hand below your waist and say "can you hold this?" It has worked for every one I have tried it on

Step 3: Look at What I Found!

Kneel down and put your hand on the floor and say "look at what I found" it works every time

Step 4: What the Heck Do I Have in My Pocket?

So, fiddle you hand around in your pocket and make some confused and surprised faces and say "what the heck do I have in my pocket?" And then pull your hand out and they will most likely be looking if there not then say hey look at this

Step 5: Thank You

Thanks for reading! :-) I will hopefully have more stuf in the future

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    5 Discussions

    Kian knight

    2 years ago

    i agree with calycamp i do not understand


    2 years ago

    Sorry, I have NO IDEA what you are doing/speaking of/etc. Please explain to those who are that is imperative in instructables...even just a few seconds would be informative. Also, a picture (or video!) is worth a thousand words. However, the term and the picture of your hand did make me click on your instructable...even if I am still clueless about it.