Fresher, Cleaner and Effective Air in Your AC!




Introduction: Fresher, Cleaner and Effective Air in Your AC!

If you are not satisfied with the heater or cooler intensity of your aircon the problem might be that you haven't cleaned your aircon filters in a while. So this instructable is a DIY on how to clean your AC filters.

Step 1:

Open the aircon to get out the filters. Make sure the aircon is turned off before opening the cover and getting out the filters.

Step 2:

Wash the filters with warm/hot water. Use a stainless steel dishwasher brush to wash away the dust.

Tip: Be careful while using hot water.

Step 3:

Once the filters are cleaned pat dry with a towel and carefully place the filters back in the aircon.

Step 4:

Enjoy a more effective and cleaner aircon!

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    3 years ago

    how much does these air conditioners cost normally , and how good do they work and sq. ft. area do they cover? do they use more or less electricity than window units or about the same as a swamp cooler? sorry for all the questions. thanks