From a Branch to a Lamp: the Branchlamp

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Hello Instructables, this is a lamp I built five or so years ago with my grandfather.  A branch had been knocked down by a truck on his street, and I needed a lamp for my desk, so he saved it and built this lamp with me next time I came to visit.  The lamp that we used cost about $30 if I remember, and it is mounted and epoxied inside of two holes drilled into the branch to fit it. There is a switch on the back of the base, shown in the fifth picture, because I couldn't reach the switch on top of the lamp when I was younger.  The base is the end of the branch cut off and re-mounted to hold the entire thing up.  It also has holes drilled in it to hold 4 pencils or pens, and a large low bowl drilled to hold paper clips, or in my case, fountain pen cartriges.  The wire to the lamp is goes up from the additional switch along the back, and is stapled in place.  About 1.5 feet up the branch, the wire goes through a hole to exit a couple inches away from where the lamp is mounted.  Thanks for reading, and please vote for me in the I Made It Photo Contest, and rate it if you enjoyed it!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice lamp, I really like the pen holders at the base. It's nice to have someone like your granpa to pass on such great knowage.