Fully Automatic Minecraft Cannon!

About: I like to make small weapons for example a pencil crossbow, I also play minecraft. I will be putting up a lot of instructables on paracord, minecraft, metalworking projects, and small office weapons

Intro: Fully Automatic Minecraft Cannon!

This is my first instructable so don't hate. This contraption is fully automatic (drops TNT then explodes it in 1 push of a button

Step 1: Items You Will Need

- 20 of any block (I'm using stone)
- 16 redstone dust
- 4 dispensers
- 4 or more TNT (if you want to keep on launching use 36 stacks of TNT
- 1 button
- 1 bucket of water
- 2 dirt (optional)
- 1 shovel (optional)

Step 2: Dig Out a 5x5 Square

Sorry about the sucky pictures

Step 3: Place the 4 Dispensers

Lapis and stone used for distance counter

Step 4: Fill It In

Step 5: Place 2 Dirt on the Corners

Step 6: Make the Red Cross Symbol

Step 7: Remove the Dirt

Step 8: Put the TNT in the Dispensers

Step 9: Fill in Between the Dispensers

Step 10: Put Redstone As Shown

**Remember to crouch when you put the redstone on the dispenser

Step 11: Go Inside the Hole and Put a Button on a Side

If you are in survival then put down 1 dirt in order to get out. Once out break the block

Step 12: Put Water in the Middle of the Hole

Step 13: Jump in Then Push the Button to FLY!!!!

if you are in survival, you lose about 6 and a half hearts without armor

Step 14: You Can Shoot Mobs Out Too

**NOTE** Ocelots, squid, silverfish, endermen, wolves, bats, cave spiders, spiders, magma cubes, horses, and slimes do not work. You can try but will likely fail



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