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I love all things Galaxy so I decided to try and create my own artwork for it. I love the different colours that all blend together. You can use the regular blue, pink and purple or you could change it up a bit and create something unique. I would do this on a canvas as the colours are more vibrant and more effective but you can use paper if needed

Step 1: You Will Need

The first step is getting everything you need so here is a list:
-any sized paper/canvas
-red acrylic paint
-blue acrylic paint
-White acrylic paint
-black acrylic paint
-a paintbrush

Step 2: The Colours

To create this piece you will need to draw out sections where you want the different colours to start and where to meet, I use letters that symbolise which paint goes where this will help you to blend the colours as well as knowing where they are gonna go. If you feel as this looks too complicated then if you feel brave enough you can skip this step and get straight into painting but I find it easier to plan it out.

Step 3: How to Paint

This step is probably the easiest, to create this piece I use a sponge to blob the paint, this makes it easier for blending the colours together, I start with using the black paint as its the darkest colour. I then mix red with a bit of black to create a darker colour and sponge on that to the located area. If the colours are not blending use a sponge with no paint and dab onto the area where you need to blend. Do this until no white is left.

Step 4: Stars

Once the background paint has dried it is finally time to add the stars. To do this get the White acrylic paint and a paintbrush, dip the brush into the paint, I usually make sure there is a lot of paint on the brush I then lie the paper/canvas down, aim the brush at it and then I slide my thumb over the brush and let the paint be flicked on to the painting, you could just flick the brush but it wouldn't be as affective. For bigger stars I use the end of the paintbrush and dab it into the paint and then on certain areas where I want I create bigger stars.



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    Reply 1 year ago

    Of course you can, I just used these colours as they were the only ones available at that time


    2 years ago

    I love that you used sponges!