Gatorade Planter




Introduction: Gatorade Planter

In this instructable i'm up-cycling the small Gatorade bottles into a hanging planter.

Here is what you need:

Gatorade bottles (I used the small ones)

zip ties


small metal peg sheets




electric drill

drill bit

razor blade

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Step 1: Drill Holes in Cap

Drill small holes onto the top of the Gatorade caps. The size and amount of the holes is up to you. You don't want to drown your plants.

Step 2: Cut Bottoms

With a razor blade or scissors, carefully cut the bottoms of the Gatorade bottles.

Step 3: Dill Holes Into Board

Drill holes into the boards with about 2.25" spacing between each other. The holes should just be big enough for the zip ties to fit through.

Step 4: Attach Bottles to Boards

With 11" or longer zip ties, tie them to the boards looping around the holes. The zip tie should lay in the first groove near the cap. Tighten and cut extra off.

Step 5: Bend Metal

These little sheets of metal I got at home depot. Its for attaching boards together. You can use these, hooks, or even drill the board directly into wooden walls.

Step 6: Attach Hook

Screw hooks into the back of the boards.

Step 7: Enjoy

All done!

now go hang your planter and start planting.

later on when you want to transport the plant just simply take the plant out. If the plant is a little difficult to take out. Unscrew the cap at the bottom and use a wide stick to help push it out.

hope you like the instructable. like and leave comments :)

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