Get Your Fingerprint




In this instructeble (witch is my first) i will show you how to get your fingerprint on a paper visible enough to compare to others.

Step 1: Things You Need

This is the following things you'll be needing:

Post It's (or some kind of bright paper)

Packing tape

Graphite pencil


Step 2: Getting Started

First you take the pen and draw on the post it until it has a very black surface.

Then rub the finger you want to "print" hard on the post it until its all black.

Step 3: Lifting the Print

Now to lift the print take a piece of the tape and put on the finger, rub it and lift it.

After that you just put it on the paper and there you go.

On this fingerprint i used i bad pen or something so it wasn't so great.

Step 4: The Result

And here is the finished fingerprint!

If you want you can make two of each finger and see if you can compare them together.



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    5 Discussions

    Drew Essary

    1 year ago

    this helped me on my Family Science Night, thank you!


    3 years ago

    this helped me a lot on my project thank you!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    When I was a bored kid in elementary school, I used to do something similar to this. I'd use a black ballpoint pen and completely color the pad of my left index finger. Pressing it onto a piece of paper would leave a very distinct fingerprint. I could press out about 5 or 6 prints this way. The ink was oil based so it would take a long time to dry so I could leave prints up to an hour later.