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EDIT: New and Improved! Now with visible pictures!

The RavingWife, RavingChild and I do a gingerbread house every year about this time, but this is our first attempt at making one without using a kit. I like this one much better than any of the kit ones we've done. Plus, the InstructaBot came by to see how things were going, so that was fun.

For those who may be interested, the chimney is peanut brittle, the roof is ginger snaps, the logs are pretzel sticks, and the railing on the graham cracker balcony is chocolate covered pretzels. The 'bot was just freehanded out of gingerbread, painted with yellow food coloring, and decorated with grey & black fondant and red icing. Luckily, I had some fondant left over from the ninja-star cupcakes I made for RavingChild's birthday, or Mr. Robot may not have had any wheels....

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    Thanks very much. I rather like the pumpkin myself. RavingChild thought it was the best Jack-o-Lantern of all time. Last year, I wanted to do one with a propane cannon in it, but RavingWife wouldn't let me.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, it's very beautiful. Im quite new to the Instructables and have to say I'm getting very inspired by watching tons of RavingMad grownups making pretty things for fun.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

     Yes, please never go back to the kits. Those are fine for young kids, but it's so gratifying to make your own gingerbread.

    Love the Robot!

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