Glow in the Dark Seatbelt Buckle Band

Introduction: Glow in the Dark Seatbelt Buckle Band

As a kid I find it's annoying to try and put on my seatbelt in the dark. Since I'm in the back seat it is difficult because in the front seat there is a courtesy light. I thought to myself how can I fix problem and here's the answer: Glow in the dark seatbelt buckle band.

Step 1: Materials

1. Silicone gun cheap from the hardware store.

2. A mould. Since I don't have a 3d printer(see a 3d printer would really help) I used a container lid and a used electrical tape hot glued to each other.

3. 2g Glow in the dark powder we had a waterproof one.(we had 10g which cost about $10 online).

4 . And most important have patience, drying can take several days.

5. Hot glue gun

6. A spatula.

Step 2: Making the Mould

First of all you take a container lid(I used a screw lid) and a roll of electrical tape or something the same size.

Just saying this is how I did it because like I said I don't have a silicone mould or know how to make one and I don't have a 3D printer. So you put the electrical tape in the center of the lid. Then from the inside use hot glue make sure you use hot glue because you will have to remove it later. Let the glue dry.

Step 3: Making the Paste

Get a unused bowl (You might not be able to eat food in it). Then inside the bowl put a good amount of silicone using a silicone gun. Then mix in about 2 g of glow in the dark powder.The more powder the more it glows. Then stir it with a spatula to mix the powder and the silicone.

Step 4: Putting the Paste in the Mould

Using the screwdriver force the paste inside the mould. Try to make as little air bubbles as possible. Using water and your finger to smooth it. Then wait until it is dry.

Step 5: Drying

Once dry using pliers carefully snap the lid's brim so it makes flaps. Push the flaps down so from above it looks like a flower. Then leave to dry(again). Then if you listened carefully I said use hot glue because you have to slowly remove the band(since it's dried). Do this by pulling the lid off, then slowly peel the band off the roll of tape. Then let it dry once again. There you go there is your glow in the dark seat belt buckle band.

Step 6: Ending

Well during this I put the band on the car's bonnet to dry. As soon as we got to the motorway it came flying off and landed on the middle of the motorway. My dad could not stop so I was upset that I lost it. I then made a new one and I always remembered do not dry it by putting it on the car. If I had a 3D printer I could just print out a new mould because if you lose one you turn the whole house upside down look for a new mould. So it would be much easier to make quite a lot because you kind of destroy the lid and rip some tape when making one band.

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    Wow that's a really clever idea! I bet it can really help when it's dark in the car! Welcome to instructables!