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About: Product Design Student @ LUCA - School of Arts Genk.

Intro: GoPro to DSLR Mount

As a photography and videography enthousiast, I got inspired by the short movie 'Above SF' by Marc Donahue to make a short movie myself about my upcoming trip to Warsaw. I have a DSLR camera and a GoPro Session, so I only had to find a way to connect them together.

Which I eventually did!

Step 1: ​Things You Need for This Instructable:

- your DSLR's hot shoe cover cap

- GoPro piece

- a strong glue ( one that can hold plastic together )

- an electric multitool ( with a cutting and sanding tool )

Step 2: Cutting

I started by cutting away the plastic that I no longer needed. After measuring the length and width, I added some marks on the bottom of the GoPro piece to make sure that I didn't cut away to many plastic.

Step 3: Sanding

After the cutting process, I sanded the GoPro piece and washed it in water to get rid of the fine dust.

Make sure you'll add small cuts to the hot shoe cover to get a better connection between the glue and the hot shoe cover.

Step 4: Glueing the Two Pieces Together

Finally I glued the two pieces together by following the steps on the packaging of the glue.

Step 5: Final Photo

Now you'll have your own carefully crafted piece to put your Go Pro on your DSLR camera.

I hope you enjoyed this Instructable ( Which is my first... ).

Questions or remarks? Drop a comment below.




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2 years ago

This is really smart. I'd rather use an old flash mount than the flimsy hot shoe cover I have though. Those old flashes are cheep and the plastic housing that you could use from it is more sturdy than the cap I have . Great idea. Now I need to get a go-pro. :)

3 replies

Thanks! :)

I really recommend the GoPro Session, the fact that it's really small is one of it's key features I think. Yes, you don't have a screen for live-feed and it's more work to change te settings but I use my GoPro Session more now than my previous Hero 3 because the Session is that small. I'm even taking the Session to school sometimes. :)


Thanks. I might look into it. Also, as a teacher, I feel compelled to add that you should check with your prof/teacher before recording lectures. They can actually fall under copyright laws. I never mind students recording, but some do.


Of course, I use the GoPro then mainly during our breaks. Filming the lessons are prohibited at our school, but thanks anyway! :)


2 years ago

That's pretty awesome. I've seen people do that type of thing while taking photos with the DSLR and videoing with the gopro for a tutorial or fpv and always wanted to try it.

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2 years ago

A camera on top of another camera? What's the exact usecase for it? Film yourself while taking pictures? :)

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Jens De Sneyderjayeff

Reply 2 years ago

Exactly, I really like the outcome of filming while taking pictures! :)

And the camera that I use - a Nikon D3100 - isn't good for filming because it hasn't auto focus that works while I'm filming. So by adding the GoPro on the camera, I'll receive video's that are more beautiful than with my DSLR (and depending on the type of GoPro the video's may even have more details).