Introduction: Geometric Acrylic Bracelet

About: Product Design Student @ LUCA - School of Arts Genk.

As a productdesign-student, I try to make as many different things as possible. This acrylic bracelet is the result of my first introduction to the field of 'jewelry'.

Step 1: Close-up

The bracelet is inspired by the many futuristic scenes from the movie 'Tron' (Yeppa, one of my favorite movies) and by my love for geometric figures. The result is something different by the standards of today. The use of acrylic gives the bracelet a futuristic touch together with the hexagonal pattern.

Step 2: How to Make It?

If you want to make this version (v.01) the only thing you'll need to do is take the file down below and lasercut it. v.01 has an inner diameter of 10 centimeters and an outer diameter of 12 centimeters.

* the color codes at my local Fablab are BLACK (RGB: 0,0,0) for engraving and RED (RGB: 255,0,0) for cutting *

Step 3: The End?

This bracelet was intentionally made for my best friend as a birthday gift. She was super excited and asked me to make her a pair of matching earrings!

There will definitely come a version 2 of the Geometric Acrylic Bracelet, and I'll experiment with new figures and new patterns.

As always, questions or remarks? Drop a comment below.


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