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This is a custom ferret bed for my boys!  They love to cuddle, climb and curl up wherever they get the chance.  Now that the weather is getting cooler, I needed a warmer-bed-solution for them.  (Reason being - I like to keep them right next to an open window for fresh air for them...and us hahaha.)  This is the perfect way to keep them even cozier and a fun, stylish way for them to poke and play around in their room.

It all started with a stuffed gorilla from the thrift store!

Step 1: The Gorilla

Materials - a big enough stuffed animal for your babies. A fabric liner if you want, some hooks to hang it.  Sewing machine or hand sewing to put it all together!

My boys (Damien and Jigsaw, named after the Omen and Saw!), they used to have a store-bought monkey hammock and they REALLY killed it.  So I cut the final straps off of the old monkey so that I could use them to secure their new gorilla.

First steps:  Just wash the stuffed animal gently in your washing machine and when that is done, toss it in your dryer and put it on low heat or air dry/line dry for a long time.  

Next, decide where you want the entrance point to be, cut it open and take out all the stuffing.  Save it for another project!

Step 2: Prepping the Shape & Lining

I wanted to let the ferrets lay inside the gorilla's belly, so I just took the unstuffed animal to the sewing machine and I sewed all the way around the shape that I would allow them to hang out in.  (Right side out.)  You can see my sloppy lines in the photos, lol.

Then I figured that I wanted to line it with an old t-shirt because I didn't want them to feel anything scratchy, I wanted them to be cozy and happy!  So for this, I turned him inside out.

I tore up the shirt and made the most elementary shape, sewed it shut, giving it space to stretch inside the gorilla so that they wouldn't be losing any space.  Then I carefully sewed the top of the liner to the neck of the gorilla by removing part of the sewing machine that allows for a tighter-sew-space.  There is usually no science to what I make, I just judge to see if it will fit or work, and once decided...sew!  Once your liner is done, flip your stuffed animal back to normal and you will have your own liner inside!

*Notes will explain what the photos are.

Step 3: Support System

Ferrets are wiggly crazy creatures and they weasel around and try to "muck" things up.  SO, it's important to have a nice and effective support system for their new hang-out.

I took the old straps off of the past monkey bed and sewed them onto the gorilla to make sure that I have some nice clips to attach to the wires of their cage.  If you don't have something like this, I suggest going to the dollar store and buying some dog leashes.  Once you cut the hook portion off, you can make your own straps or even use the dog leash-itself, as a strap.  It's brilliant and I am upset that my dollar stores haven't had leashes in a long time.  :(

Where to attach them?  Consider your shape, how you would like to suspend it...the mood and feeling of it, etc.  I knew that I wanted a chill-gorilla with his long arms all over the place, yet mucho support.  So I sewed the straps to shoulders and around that area because it's the core-support for my design.  Just make sure to stitch over it a lot so that you know it's not going to come off!  :)

Step 4: Enjoy!

Let your babies discover the bed or just put them in, butt first!  Then you have the joy of discovering how full the gorilla's belly is, you will know if they are both in there...or however many ferrets you have.  It's joy to watch and smiles every time you check on them.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    What COOL idea! I gotta do this for my Sneakers!

    Dusk Shadows

    6 years ago on Introduction

    SOOO cute it looks like there the tounges of the gorilla!!! i want one of those things sooooo bad!!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Absolutely adorable! Almost makes me wish I had a ferret. Almost . . . :)


    6 years ago on Introduction

    What a lovely idea! I like the concept of using an old toy from a thrift shop, and it is so simple that even I might be able to make something like it with my elementary hand-sewing abilities! Might just have to make one for my ferrets, they currently have a bog standard hammock covered in an old furry cushion cover, plus a pile of blankets in their sleep box.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    So, I had no idea what this would be when I clicked on it. I think using a closer picture of your ferret in the intro is going to garner more clicks, cause that shiz is adorbs, but I couldn't make it out from the thumbnail. What a genius idea.

    1 reply

    thank you for your advice! it was so hard to choose an image because it's so hard for them to stay still haha. :D hopefully this one will work!