Got Metal?

Introduction: Got Metal?

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Step 1: Machine Shop

Step 2: Safety Glasses

Step 3: Ear Plug

Step 4: Fire Extinguisher

Step 5: Rules and Regulations

Step 6: Eyes and Skin Wash Station

Step 7: Cleaning Stuff

Step 8: Rules and Regulations

Step 9: Rules and Regulations

Step 10: Lathe

Step 11: Cabinet

Step 12: Mat

Step 13: Vacuum

Step 14: Special Trash Can for Clothes With Oil

Step 15: File Cabinet for Tools

Step 16: Tool Rack

Step 17: Tool Reck

Step 18: Lathe

Step 19: Cabinet

Step 20: Compressed Air

Step 21: Compressed Air Gun

Step 22: Tormach

Step 23: Vacuum

Step 24: Cabinet

Step 25: Scrap Steel Bin

Step 26: Scrap Aluminun

Step 27: Chunks Aluminum

Step 28: Plastic Scrap

Step 29: Lathe

Step 30: Wall Protection

Step 31: Numeric Control

Step 32: Cabinet

Step 33: Cabinet

Step 34: Heater

Step 35: Heater

Step 36: Heater

Step 37: Cabinet

Step 38: White Board

Step 39: Trash

Step 40: Steel Scrap

Step 41: Desempeno

Step 42: Micrometro

Step 43: 90 Degrees Plate

Step 44: Work Table

Step 45: Colant

Step 46: Soap

Step 47: Walrus

Step 48: Milling Cutter

Step 49: Milling Cutter

Step 50: Milling Cutter

Step 51: Milling Cutter

Step 52: Air Compressed

Step 53: Electrical

Step 54: Coolat Drain

Step 55: Exit Doormat

The End

How is your metal shop?

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great looking machine shop. You might need to mix some 46 with some 34 though. Otherwise, keep up the good work. :)