Green Lantern

Introduction: Green Lantern

The dimension: Width 18 x Length 18 x Height 34 centimeters.

Hello, this project, I will fix and modify the antique oil lantern. The lantern is old and very difficult to use. The oil burner will make the black smoke and smell very bad. So I will modify and update the lantern to everyday use. I use the incandescent bulb with dimmer’s switch, you can control the brightness and dim it as much as you want. You can set the mood by the brightness of the lantern. The lantern can be used in any rooms and can be decorated piece as well. It will make your room look different in a retro style. It’s easy to make. Let’s start.

Supplies that you need to do Green Lantern’s project.

1. Any antique lantern or new lantern.

2. Incandescent light bulb, light socket, plug’s wire with dimmer switch, and heat shrink tube.

3. Hot glue gun.

Step 1: Cleaning and Disassembly Lantern

First, I clean the lantern, next I remove the glass globe and disassembly burner, wick, and the collar that on the top if the tank. Then I drill the small hole at the back side of the tank for the electric wire to go through.

Step 2: Grinding and Soldering the Electric Wire

Now I use the small grinder to make the opening on the burner larger, so that the metal base of the light bulb will not touch the burner. Next I check the size of the light socket, and I drill inside of the collar first and grind the base to attach the light socket later. After everything is fit in place, I use the soldering wires from the plug wire to the socket and use the heat shrink tube. Next I use the hot glue gun to glue the socket to the top of the collar. Then place the burner on the top of the collar, the socket should fit and leave enough room. (Different sizes of the lantern, socket, light bulb * need to make different adjustment)

Step 3: Put Everything Back

Last step, I need to be careful, when I put the light bulb into the light socket. It needs to go in at the angle and also pull the ventilation cap up to make room, when I adjust the glass globe. Then move the thumb lever in order to adjust the glass globe holder forward and make the glass globe straight. At this point, I try it out and it works.


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    2 years ago on Step 3

    Hi kotchapong
    Really it looked awesome.thanks for sharing this awesome concept.keep it up..