I'm designed next usable thing for your kitchen, or place where you use paper towel in different length or center dimension (all producers of paper towels use their own dimensions / diameters)

Vertical or horizontal instalation. Fully sliding and easily replaceable! optimized for 3D printing!

next step of tidy kitchen.

Left holder on pictures is version 1 / all printed datas are version 2, do not be afraid, that is not look similar ;)


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Step 1: Print All Parts

Print all parts on 3D printer from link or from files here:


  • PARTS:
    • 2x sliding profile short or long (0,7 / 1,4 hod)
    • 1x left holder (6,4 hod)
    • 1x right holder (6,4 hod)
    • 1x left socket (0,3 hod)
    • 1x right socket (0,3 hod)
    • 2x pad (0,1hod)
    • 2x centric holder (1,2hod)
    • printing profile: 0,2 layer / ABS
  • SUMMARY: aproxx.: 20 hod printing time

After the prints carefully remove all supports.

I'm printed all parts on Zortrax M200, you can use material or layer on your choice.

Step 2: Prepare Components, Marks, Screws, Dowels, Holes

  1. Sliding profile: use a sand paper to sand both rails of sliding profile for better moving of holders (pic.1)
  2. Prepare a drilling machine
  3. Draw a holes: draw holes from sliding profile on underlay (wood / wall) (pic. 3)
    1. Drill holes on border and in half of 2 holes inside of sliding profile acc. (pic.3-4)
    2. Screwed to underlayer (wood / wall) (pic. 4)

Step 3: Assembly Parts Together

  1. Assembly of sockets:
    1. You will need: 2 x flat head screw M4 x 18 / 2 x pad for M4 / 4 x M4 nuts
    2. Screw - flat head screw M4 with PAD and CENTRIC HOLDER closed by M4 PAD + 2x M4 nuts
    3. Centric holder you can attach to towel roll

Step 4: Lenght Setup

  1. Touch small button at back side of holder, then you can move holder on siliding profile (pic. 1)
  2. Push the button into the rail / you should hear (click) / by the hand you can check moving, holder should not move.
  3. Setup your needed length
  4. Attach to paper roll centric assembly and slide into the socket. Towel should roll on back side (pic2)

Assembled centric holder you can easily put out from holders.

now, you can use all kind of paper towels, diameters lenght (pic3.)

Thank you very much, hope that will usefull for you!

if you are interested to my design share and follow us on Instructables / Facebook / Thingiverse




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