HOW TO SOLVE SANBORN'S KRYPTOS: Part 6 - Kryptos Doorway



How to find the doorway that the K4 key will open.

Step 1: K2 - the Kryptos Doorway

We have to make some modifications to the format,

Step 2: K2 Original Matrix

Step 3: K2 and K4

Step 4: Pattern Matching

Part 5 gave us a weird looking clue but it works.

Step 5: Narrow Down the Keyhole

Step 6: Flip Key Around

Step 7: And Rotate Key

Step 8: How K4 Key Fits Inside K2 Doorway

Step 9: The Reason Why the Missing 'X' Wasn't a Mistake

Step 10: Then We're Off to the Fun Part

Step 11:



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