Hairstyling a Lead Miniature

Introduction: Hairstyling a Lead Miniature

 I want to begin with the hobby of modifying lead miniatures, so I decided to change the hairstyle of a soldier that I had lying on my drawer.

This is my first attempt on this wonderful subject but I am pretty satisfied with the result.

Pictures were taken with a Pentax K10D with a Tamron 90 mm macro.

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Step 1: Materials

You just need a soldier with a hairstyle that you do not like and some epoxy resin.

Usually it is used a resin called ``Materia Verde'' (green stuff) here in Italy. It is a green epoxy resin, but it is very expensive so I decided to use a cheaper alternative.
This resin that I used is a resin that repairs metal objects.

The lead miniature is a Samurai Hero (Tatsu) from the old game Warzone, that is setted in the Mutant Chronicles universe.

Step 2: Tools

The tools are really simple.

- A hobby knife.
- Some toothpicks.
- Latex gloves.
- Small Files.

Step 3: Cutting Hair

You need to make room for the new hairstyle, so ``cut'' its hair. 

I used a hobby knife to cut the main part and a file to finish it.

Step 4: Preparing the Epoxy Resin

Put you gloves on! It will stick to you fingers otherwise.

Cut a small slice from the stick of resin. If it is the first time you use it throw away the firs slice.
I did not do it and I had many small pieces of resin that did not mixed well.

Quickly mix the resin so it will have an even colour.
The kind that I brought gives you 5 minutes to shape it before hardening.
So remember: be quick!

A slice was too much for my purpose so I had to throw away a piece about 1 cm wide.
Next time I will cut the slice in smaller slices. Be careful, though, to cut it keeping the right proportions of the two components. I suggest to cut it like a pizza, with triangle slices.

Step 5: Hairstyling

I did not take pictures of this step because I had 5 minutes to finish the work, I am sorry.

Firstly I made a small ball and I pressed it on the top of the head.
The resin is sticky so I had some problems in doing that.
When it was attached on the lead, I smoothed the surface with the side of a toothpick.
To sculpt the hair I used the blade of the hobby knife.

Then I prepared a small cylinder to make a pony tail.
The resin was already hardening so I had to press it hard on the miniautre to stick it.
Then with the point of the toothpick I sculpted the hair.

Step 6: Done!

 Now Tatsu has longer hair!
Being my first try it looks pretty good.

Now I have to paint it.

Unfortunately you can see the bits of unmixed resin that are still kind of soft.

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    4 Discussions


    8 years ago on Step 6

    Nice job! you should put up pictures once its painted


    10 years ago on Step 6

    Now thats an awesome amount of courage for excellent results.
    the closest I've come to modding my warzone minis are some kamakazies bought second hand with the vilest of turquoise robes. How does the 'weld-on' hold up compared to greenstuff in texture and fluidity?
    (as it seems highly brand dependant.) 


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    It is a really fast hardening compound so it is not easy. It takes about 5 minutes to harden, so I had to be really quick.
    Because the first slice was somehow spoiled it had some defects (id est the white spots on the finished work). Maybe with an inner slice the texture will be better.

    Being so quick hardening it is not that fluid.

    It is kind of sticky therefore to the miniature it sticks very well but also on the fingers! But I found that if you wet you fingers it will not stick.

    I will experiment more with it!


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    After some more experimenting I decided that it is not a good material.
    It does not mix well so the little white pieces stay there making the compound not so clean.

    Or it is just me, maybe I can not work with it very well.